About Asimi

Asimi Art is a design and production house specialized in consulting and training businesses in the jewelry trade.


We provide our clients with discerning jewelry knowledge from world-class experts who are working at the top of their field.


Whether you intend to start up a brand, grow your production line, or introduce students to jewelry, we have a solution for you. Our clients range from individuals to international manufacturers to universities.  


Our team arranges jewelry consulting services and training globally. We can also schedule online consultations through Skype so you are sure to find a suitable time with us.


In 2003, Bibianna Cheung opened Asimi Art as a private training school in Hong Kong. The school began by teaching programs at universities and colleges. It was the first of its kind: bringing Western design and techniques to the city, and soon became a major platform for the general public to learn jewelry.

Since then, the institution has moved from group classes to consulting, and also teaches private sessions and manufacturing solutions. The teaching style has remained consistent over the years: going beyond theory by immersing students in hands-on experience, brand development, jewelry production and manufacturing.

Asimi Art and its founders have been featured in South China Morning Post, HK Magazine, CityLife Magazine, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Hong Kong Economic Times, Sing Tao Times, MINGS Magazine and Phoenix Jewelry Magazine.



clients served

Piercing silver work piece on jeweller bench at Asimi Art studio in Hong Kong
Asimi Art is a source of knowledge for gemstone buying, selection, and jewellery design
Jewellery rendering in watercolour at Asimi Art studio in Hong Kong
CNC milling bronze plaque at Asimi Art studio in Hong Kong

What we do

Founded in 2003, Asimi Art is unlike other industry consultants. We specialize in the jewelry industry, going beyond theory and diving into hands-on experience. In the spirit of life-long learning, we will tailor each service to different needs. You can receive practical and advanced concepts, while increasing your knowledge and creativity about the fascinating world of jewelry.

The consultancy applies 30 years of experience in jewelry design, manufacturing and allied crafts to provide highly extensive consultation and technical training for the jewelry industry. Our international, multi-award winning skills reflect our expertise in design and craftsmanship—both in private and public collections—from commercial to luxury jewelry markets.

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Who we are

Our instructors combine years of industry knowledge from both British and American backgrounds. Over the years, our global mindset has led to experience in working with various cultures. Being culturally aware then improves efficiency and understanding of their aims.

Our team members possess a strong problem-solving mentality, held by a passion for combining traditional craftsmanship with new technology. We have a wide range of techniques and forward thinking in the whole cycle of jewelry design, branding, and production within the industry.

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