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Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation details

What is a jewellery consultant?

We are specialists in jewellery manufacturing and brand building. Our extensive knowledge in these areas enables us to provide guidance to business owners and producers on the planning, design and facilitating of jewellery product development. Our team was founded by experts with at least 25 years of experience designing and making jewellery so we have an intimate knowledge of business practises and what brand owners need for their projects. We also have a strong history collaborating with designers, suppliers, and universities.

When should we start working with a jewellery consultant?

As early as possible! Jewellery consultants can help business owners and designers review their goals for product development, set-up of a new workshop or production facility, and provide important information on feasibility, cost, scheduling, and more. We have also assisted our clients in planning their brand strategies, developing metal molds, and choosing buildings and studio spaces.

How much is Asimi Art’s fee?

Our fees vary by project size and our scope of work on the project. Our typical proposal describes our scope of work and includes a fee for the project broken down by project phases, but we can use other criteria if requested. We can explain how our fee was determined, and are happy to work with you to arrive at a fee and payment schedule that is mutually acceptable.


Booking a training programme

How can I register for a training programe?

After you choose your date in the calendar and pick out your desired training program, you can register online on this page: http://asimiart.com/training/training-application/

Either create your account or log in, if you already have an account, and complete the application form to send your details to Asimi Art.

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm that your booking has been validated. You can also book a course or ask for any additional information, by calling us at the phone number +66 92 581 6433 or by email at info@asimiart.com

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept wire transfer and check payments. Please contact us by phone to make your booking if you plan to use one of those payment methods: +66 (0)92 378 9289.

How do I know my booking has been validated?

If you are not sure about your order or if you would like to change some details regarding your order please contact us via email info@asimiart.com or phone +66 92 581 6433.


Training programme details

 Where do the courses take place?

Asimi Art runs its courses in the Klong San district of Bangkok, Thailand. However, we can also arrange private sessions at clients’ studios/workshops or business location. Asimi Art travels to meet its students in their own countries and to offer them a complete curriculum of courses and evening conversations.

How long does it take to complete a training program?

Each student must book a minimum of 12 hours per training program, divided into 4 hours (or more) per session. The total hours must be completed within 1 calendar month.

How often do the training programs take place, what is the schedule?

Asimi Art teaches on an appointment basis, giving students the flexibility they need for successful learning. Reach us by calling +66 92 378 9289 or email info@asimiart.com to schedule an appointment. We run sessions throughout the year.

In what language are the training programs taught?

Our training programs are taught in English or Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin).

Do I need specific equipment to attend the training programs?

No you don’t, Asimi Art provides everything for you.


Other enquiries

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the courses?

We welcome students from 16 years old and older.

I am a complete beginner to jewelry. Is there any pre-requisite in order to attend your training program?

There is no pre-requisite for taking our courses. Asimi Art takes the time to introduce beginners to the creation process, important concepts, and basic techniques.

Does Asimi Art provide professional qualifications and/or certifications?

No, Asimi Art is an indepedent organisation that aims to engage the public with the jewelry world, and therefore does not provide professional qualification and certification. We welcome people of all skill levels, of all backgrounds, who wish to engage with the jewelry arts and delve into understanding design and production more fully.

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