Learning a new skill such as jewellery making is a great way to spend some time; for many of our students, it has been able to enhance their outfits with their own personal styles and designs.

Our classes have also helped pave ways for our students’ futures; dozens of our former students have turned this passionate hobby into a highly fruitful career, an attainment anyone can achieve if they are willing enough to learn. Asimi Art attracts all types of people with a common interest, ranging from expats looking for ways to spend time to locals who are interested in high quality courses.

Wealth of Resources

The region of Asia Hong Kong resides in has lots of opportunities to purchase many interesting stones at very attractive rates, both locally and in the surrounding countries.

Like-minded people

At Asimi Art, you will meet people that share your interest. This is great for networking and exchanging ideas, hopefully finding you new circles or helping start up your own brand.

The Heart of Asia

Hong Kong is home to a wealth of attractions, at the same time acting as a gateway to many other great Asian destinations nearby.