Casting service overview

Bring your jewelry designs to life with help from jewelry casting services offered by Asimi Art. Whether you want a single customized piece for a client or are interested in mass producing a new design for your jewelry store, our jewelry casting experts will produce a stunning finished product.

We provide jewelry casting services for designers and businesses, concentrating on the stringent detail and surface quality standards of the industry. Before casting, we request clients to bring existing models which will then be used to create molds for further production.

To properly create a finished product with jewelry casting, you must not only have access to the necessary tools and equipment, but you must possess an understanding of everything from precious metal melting points to proper handling procedures.

Quality controlled by artisans

Asimi Art has access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology to create high-quality reproductions straight from the created mold. Our ability to access this type of equipment lets us guarantee that clients that use our jewelry casting services will receive high-quality, detailed finished products.

In addition to having access to specialized casting equipment, Asimi Art is one of the top casting manufacturers because of our casting experts’ unmatched proficiency. Our casting experts have decades of combined experience working in the jewelry casting industry. Partnering with such experienced individuals gives our clients peace of mind, as they know they will be working with professionals who understand how to properly handle precious metals and what needs to be done to create incredible jewelry pieces.

Asimi Art guarantees its dedication to high-quality casting in silver, white and yellow gold. We keep all designs confidential and promise to keep them exclusive to clients at their discretion. Clients may opt for rough casts, clipping services, or finished parts to be delivered to their business addresses at no additional cost.

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Get in Touch               Hong Kong: +852 97122181