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Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography Service Overview

Professional Jewelry Photography

We specialize in professional jewelry photography, working with jewelers around the country from our studio in northern San Diego, CA. Our clients include jewelry designers, retailers, manufacturers, artists, gem dealers, and more.  Each project we complete is catered to your brand’s distinct voice, and we pride ourselves on delivering customized services.


We offer a range of services within the scope of jewelry photography. Every image we deliver is ready to be used for print or web. Popular uses are websites/e-commerce, line sheets, catalogs, magazine ads, print advertising, social media, and portfolios. Your photos will be accessible to you from anywhere in the world from a permanent online folder. We can provide a variety of file types, including JPG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, and more.


Do you have questions about having professional jewelry photography done for your business? Feel free to read through our website, or contact us directly so we can tell you more about our services.

Pricing & Styles

White Background Jewellery Photography



1-25 images: USD$20 each

26+ images: USD$15 each

White background photography is our most popular style. It is perfect for almost any use, as it doesn’t distract from the piece and allows the background to blend seamlessly into websites, catalogs, etc.

Compilation Jewellery Photography

Price: 1-25 images: USD$20 per angle

26+ images: USD$15 per angle

Each image is individually photographed and edited, then combined digitally to create a multi-angle view. You receive the individual photos as well as the compilation.

Black gradient photography

Price: USD$30 per image

A jewelry photography classic. The black gradient background keeps the focus on the pieces while also adding high end appeal to the image. Perfect for large jewelry & artistic pieces.

SOLID BLACK Photography

PRICE: $40 per image

Classy and dramatic, a black background is perfect for certain brands. This background works well for social media as well as print & web marketing with a sleek black themes.

EDITORIAL Jewelry Photography

PRICE: starting at $50 per image

Editorial jewelry photography incorporates special backgrounds, props, and objects to create a more artistic shot. These images are ideal for catalogs, website header images, social media, and print ads.

SOFT WHITE Photography

PRICE: $40 per image

This soft white style differs from our regular white because the background has not been digitally corrected to a pure white. This creates a softer look, with natural shadows and reflections.

On location Jewelry Photography: half day

PRICE: $1100 for half day

With On Location Photography, we bring our studio to you and shoot for half a day. You’ll receive 25 white or black background images. Note that half-day photo shoots are available in Hong Kong or Bangkok.

On location Jewelry Photography: FULL DAY

PRICE: $2000 for full day

With On Location Photography, we bring our studio to you and shoot for the day. You’ll receive 50 white or black background images. Available in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Other considerations

  • Group shots, add $5-10 per each additional item in the shot
  • Images delivered will be 2250x1500px – larger image size will incur additional charge
  • Images may be delivered as JPG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, or a combination
  • Images delivered as PSDs or transparent PNGs with a clipping path are an additional $5 each
  • Confidential/Non-Disclosure photo shoots are an additional 50% charge

To contact us, call +852 97122181 or email info@asimiart.com


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