Mold Making


Mold making service overview

Asimi Art crafts molds by stringent global standards. Precision in every mold design enables manufacturers to create finished products with remarkable finishing and detail. Our specialization in jewelry production from small to large scale is helping businesses deliver better results that excel industry standards.

Specialized For Every Project

One of our specialists will work with you to develop molds considering reproduction. Throughout the course of service, we focus on achieving the items most important to creating your production line:

  • CAD/CAM prototyping
  • Molding & precision reproductions
  • Casting
  • Cost
  • Precise Reproductions


Order Fulfillment

Once your line of jewelry has been developed, designed, and produced, you’ll have the option to use our order fulfillment services for fast and easy reorders. Asimi Art will store your molds for future reorders to your exact specifications.

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