Terms and conditions

Please carefully read the terms and conditions before applying for a training programme.

  1. Under any circumstances, Asimi Limited (The Company) and its staff accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to a client’s property or accidents and injury sustained during consultation and/or training.  Clients agree that no claims will be made against The Company and its staff.

  2. No refunds or extensions will be given to clients who fail to complete their training schedule on time. It is the client’s responsibility to attend their booked hours within 30 days of the first session.

  3. We cannot accept returned materials or tools, and no refunds will be given under any circumstances. Please note that no tools or materials will be included. Full payment is required for materials used within training.

  4. Every effort will be made to follow our scheduled consultations and/or training, but the company reserves the right to make cancellations under circumstances such as weather conditions, health, building management issues, other business commitments etc.

  5. We operate all our services on a first come first served basis.

  6. Only cash or direct transfer to our bank or PayPal account is accepted. We do not accept cheques and no partial payment is accepted.

  7. Application is successful only when full payment is received.  Please include a self-address envelope if you require us to post you a receipt.  All pertinent information submitted for application are non-returnable.

  8. Payments to our scheduled consultations and/or training is restricted to the client himself/herself and cannot transfer to another party or other person.

  9. In case of scheduled consultation and/or training cancellation by The Company, fee refund date and procedures will be notified by email after full payment has been received.  All pertinent information submitted for application will not be returned.
  10. Instructors have the right to adjust the contents of the consultations and/or training for the benefit of the majority of clients.

  11. Clients should respect instructors and other participants, uphold training discipline and should not disrupt other recepients of The Company’s service.  The Company reserves the right to cancel and/or cease service to clients who violate these terms and conditions.

  12. If a client has caused damage to The Company’s or general building’s property, a charge will be levied based on the market value of the damaged item.

  13. The Company reserves the right to make course content alterations as required without prior notice.

  14. Every effort will be made by the instructor to attend all clients and help them, but you acknowledge that these are group sessions so the instructor might not be always available to attend to your needs. Please be patient!

  15. English is the common language used in our scheduled consultation and/or training. However, we can also provide Cantonese and Mandarin services.

Designated Agent

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Tel: +66 (0) 92-378-2189
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