What clients have said about Asimi Art

Thank you Bibi for the lesson – not just techniques but how to think about scale. I just love the creation and design process so much…am so grateful for the opportunity to watch you at work, a true maestro!

Lin Teo


Thank you Bibi. Thank you for all the techniques you have taught me. I still have the piece that I made from your lesson. Such a good memory. Wish everything goes well and life treats you well. Stay healthy and cheerful as you always do.

Kendy Wong

Hong Kong

It’s been a great experience working with you. I’m looking forward to many many more collections to come. You are so passionate with your work and I’m learning so much from you. And I hope I can learn even more in all scopes from designing to production to marketing etc.

Carina Wong

Hong Kong

I didn’t get an opportunity to say a big thank you for the skills you taught me. The eight-week workshop is highly recommended and every class was fun and very inspirational. I am now starting to set up a small business at home. I shall keep you posted on my progress.

Siu-Ting Lam

Hong Kong

I had previously been to two of Bibi’s beading courses which I really enjoyed. I wanted to do bench work because I like the physical side of it – using tools to craft something out of nothing. I purposely chose to do a fairly challenging piece with lots of fine sawing work for the design detail. It also involved learning and using so many other skills, such as filing, hammer work and using heat to anneal the metal and solder the different pieces together.

Bibi gives you instruction, support and ideas, but you are also responsible for your own work and completing the piece at your own pace and skill level – which I like. Bibi’s jewelry design skills are really helpful as this is an area I had little knowledge or experience in. Also, she will work patiently with you until you have finished the piece, making sure you complete each stage to the very best of your ability, which is really important if you want a wearable piece of jewelry at the end of it.

Although the pendant I made took time and patience, I loved doing it and have a real sense of achievement now I have finished it. Also, I know it is a unique piece – no one else in the world has a pendant the same as mine. I recently wore it back in London and received so many compliments — people were genuinely amazed that I had actually made it myself.

Sandra Jenner

United Kingdom

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